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I’m Shani Dee! I’m a Midwest mother of 5 who is passionate about learning and caring for my family. My husband of 25 years and I started our family in 1992, and it has grown and flourished over the years. We have three handsome and smart sons and beautiful and witty twin daughters. Like all families, we’ve had our ups and downs.

In my over 45 years, I’ve gained lots of valuable experience in many different areas of life. Along with two associate degrees, in early childhood education and liberal arts, I hold a bachelors degree in liberal arts. So, I’m a good source of information, and what I may not know, I can find out. My years of education and experience make me a master at researching and studying new ideas to improve my life. I’m excited to share those improvements with you, my tribe.

My content is intended for women, wives, mothers, and anyone who wants to learn and explore new ideas and try new twists on some old favorites.

Here you’ll find great ideas on cooking, crafting, gardening, reading, self-care, and essential oils. This is a journal of my journey to a life without children.

The content will be a mixture of encouragement, new information, and funny stories to brighten your week. All content will have an organized clutter type of flow, that will be easy to follow once you get into the groove. This blog will be as unpredictable as I am. I plan to just go with how I am feeling on any given day; please be prepared for some venting on subjects that I am passionate about, but don’t worry, I will be kind.

So, now for the icing on the cake, what you will get from me: expect weekly posts (maybe more), monthly notes to keep you in the know of what’s to come and freebies to look forward too.  

Finally, my freebies will be ever changing to go with the theme of the day/week/month.

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Feel free to contact me directly at any time at  smoushon69@gmail.com